Trump Swiftly Turns Indictment News Into Fund Raising Opportunity: Contribute To...

 2023-06-09 02:01:05
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Trump Swiftly Turns Indictment News Into Fund Raising Opportunity: Contribute To Ensure US Will 'Never Surrender' To Radical Left

by Navdeep Yadav, Benzinga Staff Writer 
June 8, 2023 11:19 PM | 2 min read

Minutes after announcing his indictment news on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump swiftly shifted his focus towards fundraising initiatives for his 2024 U.S. presidential election political campaign. 

What Happened: In an email late Thursday, Trump criticized the DOJ for indicting him for mishandling classified documents and asked his supporters to donate to his campaign "to peacefully stand with me today." 

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 "We are watching our Republic DIE before our very eyes. The Biden-appointed Special Counsel has INDICTED me in yet another witch hunt regarding documents that I had the RIGHT to declassify as President of the United States," Trump wrote in his email, reported The Hill.

"Please make a contribution to peacefully stand with me today and prove that YOU will NEVER surrender our country to the radical Left."

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In his letter, the former president made allusions to previous events when the FBI’s searched his private residence last year and the Manhattan district attorney’s indictment on separate criminal charges earlier this year. "But then, we SHOCKED them as our campaign grew even stronger… …We broke fundraising records," Trump said.

Why It Matters: This came after the GOP front runner in the upcoming presidential election on his social media platform said his legal team had been told he was indicted in the Mar-A-Lago documents probe and has been summoned to appear in the Miami federal court on Tuesday.

Trump became the first president to face federal charges for mishandling classified documents. The former president's indictment drew mixed responses from lawmakers, with Republicans rallying to support the former president and Democrats seizing the opportunity to criticize the potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate.

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